Tuesday, April 29, 2014

STIRRING THE POT by Jenny McCarthy

Can you write a book that's equivalent to a Selfie? Of course. That's what celebrities with little time and attention span do. Or maybe they know their fans have short attention spans, since our culture has rapidly moved in that direction. Jenny McCarthy's latest (after ten short books) is STIRRING THE POT, subtitled "My Recipe for Getting What You Want Out of Life." She reads it on audio herself. That's fairly easy to do, considering it's only 3 CDs, not 16 like The Hiltons bio. Jenny has to work harder (and do less hard partying) than Paris Hilton, since she doesn't have the pedigree name and fortune behind her. Plus she's a mother. She's also an advice columnist, a talk show co-host (The View), and a stand up comic (Dirty Sexy Funny.) The target audience here is 30 and 40-something women who are beginning to learn that the "Mad Men" (Madison Avenue) admonition that you can "have it all" is only true for a select few with smashing good looks, youth, drive, and a blend of narcissism and street smarts…but even those women must learn what their girlfriends already know: that when one's centerfolds are collecting dust and the paparazzo no longer follow you to the country club---telephoto lenses whirring---you'll need to find comfort in burping babies while broadcasting opinions and advice. McCarthy is still a looker, and is far too young to adopt Joan Rivers cynical and satiric view of the world, although she has the same savvy timing of the comic entertainer. It's just that all these conflicting "supermom" show tunes she's still singing have jumped the shark with ever-younger Hollywood obsessives, and no one can be everything to everyone regardless of how hard they try…or how many jokes they tell.

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