Saturday, April 5, 2014


ESSENTIALISM by Greg McKeown is a motivational book that encourages listeners to step back and take a look at how they're living with unnecessary stress due to trying to do too much of the wrong thing. It's read by the author for Random House Audio. McKeown holds a MBA from Stanford, is author of Multipliers, and has spoken to companies from Apple to Google and Symantec. At 6 hours unabridged, this business book concerns empowering oneself and one's company to reclaim control over the myriad of choices we all face every day. Recommended for anyone who feels overwhelmed with time management issues, or has difficulty saying NO to endless demands made by frivolous agencies and social media advertisers. It's about saying YES to those things which can help one make the most progress in the specific area where one is most likely to succeed. 

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