Saturday, March 8, 2014

Dance of the Reptiles by Carl Hiaasen

Fox News likes to claim that it's "balanced." It is anything but. Case in point is the new book NOT COOL by "Gutfeld." He's cohost of The Five and host of Red Eye on Fox. He starts a book (narrated by the excellent Steve Kramer), in decrying the fact that so much of pop culture is about dualities. That is, things must be either hot or cold, left or right, in or out. He then begins ranting for support of his own pet ideology, wherein things are either cool or not cool. He claims that those who are "cool" control the media, the government, fashion, food, etc. He, being "an uncool conservative," is at war with these people (and they at war with him.) So while he complains about dualities, his book is based on one. True, he has points to make regarding those who use cultural memes and political correctness to leech off the system. But this cuts both ways, and what he fails to concede is that both the left and right do so in different but parallel instances!

    A better book of essays is DANCE OF THE REPTILES by the award winning Carl Hiaasen, taken from his Miami Herald columns. Read by actor Arte Johnson, it focuses on the bizarre politics of Florida, a Republican stronghold filled with on-the-take and profligate Francis Underwood/Jack Abramoff/Horrible Boss types. The imaginative verbal stabs for Hiaasen's narrator include Bernie Madoff, drug dealers, terrible tourists, crazed celebrities, gun nuts, war hawks, and politicians like Marco Rubio, who denied knowledge of $800 toilet seats and a boondoggle courthouse which he formerly applauded and approved. Called to order, these guys deny, deny, deny. Of course if they'd just tell the truth, maybe they wouldn't be caught up to their gills in mud.

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