Saturday, January 25, 2014

Vine Talk with Stanley Tucci

Actor Stanley Tucci hosts VINE TALK, which was produced for NPR, and is now anthologized as audiobooks by Hachette. The formula for this wine related radio show is to present a panel of celebrity guests, (many friends of Tucci), to judge a blind selection of wines from one particular region, such as Burgundy or Argentina, or within one varietal, such as Pinot Noir or Malbec. Five or six bottles are judged, with the audience also picking their own favorite. There are 13 half hour shows, with stars such as John Lithgow, Nathan Lane, and Rosie Perez adding to the commentary. Since these are actors, the conversation often roams to movies, stage, and personal anecdotes unrelated to wine, but the co-host dutifully corrals much of this back in line before it takes up too much time. Then they vote. The panelists are not particularly expert on the subject, but at least they seem in most cases to be acquainted with how to judge, the co-host adding tips on purchasing now and then. My only suggestions are that they get British actor Julian Curry as a guest, (since he has more knowledge of wines than any of the actors thus far invited), package all 13 shows onto one book since $4 per 30 min. episode seems high unless you just want a particular one, and that they advise the celebs to limit their conversations to wine related anecdotes or travel to the regions discussed. But of course it's Tucci's show, and wine does mean fun and loose lips! 

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