Friday, July 11, 2014

Enchanted Objects by David Rose

ENCHANTED OBJECTS by David Rose bears the subtitle "Design, Human Desire, and The Internet of Things." It's about connected technology becoming embedded with practically anything you purchase (or will purchase in the future.) This includes refrigerators which provide you with a timely electronic shopping list to umbrellas that alert you that it's going to rain. GSP already tells those tracking you where you are...or you where your children are. What will life be like when even your wallet has the intelligence of a personal banker? Google Glass is just the beginning, and the implications are all encompassing, not just to designers, but to consumers. Indeed, as narrated by Corey Brill, this audiobook is itself an enchanted object...downloadable for instant access and listenability while you do something other than just sitting and reading an obsolete paper-wasting book. Of course you could get angry at technology, and revolt against it. (See the video below.) Wise? Obviously not. 

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