Sunday, December 8, 2013


Right now there are conflicts going on, particularly in Africa, which employ children as soldiers. Greed for power and control of other people extends to throwing innocent kids into the fire. The ultimate atrocity is exploitation of young children for one's own end, and doing this on such a massive scale points only to the darkness of the human soul in saying that "the ends justify the means." There is not even a justifiable end here. There is no excuse at all. It's the equivalent of genocidic molestation, or even worse, since many of these psychologically damaged children are not even likely to physically survive. CHILDREN AT WAR by P.W. Singer explores the whys and wheres of this tragedy. Unfortunately, this book is not available on audio, but his book Wired for War is, and is about the robotics of war. His other books are Corporate Warriors: the Rise of the Privatized Military Industry, and Cybersecurity and Cyberwar.   

THE SPIRAL NOTEBOOK covers violence at home, including James Holmes.

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