Thursday, December 26, 2013

A GREAT CRASH in 2016?

According to the book THE CRASH OF 2016 by Thom Hartman, read by Dan Woren, the repeat of 1929 did not end in 2008, but will come in full force in two years. This inevitability, he says, began with the madness of 1981, when Reagan ushered in the age of deregulation and the rape of the middle class by deeply lowering tax rates for the richest Americans. Hartman shows that every time the upper progressive rates have been below 50% in the past, the economy has bubbled and either fully or partially collapsed. It's what the Royalists (the super rich with political ties) want, however: to shake the tree and force the foolish to perish, falling out of it. Our age of free trade, which began with Reagan and continued with Clinton and the Bush presidencies, has also resulted in a total reversal of manufacturing fortunes, in which America (pre-Reagan) was importing the most raw materials and exporting the most finished products...and is now exporting the most raw materials and importing the most finished products (purchased at massive deficits.) Fifty thousand manufacturing jobs have been lost in America yearly ever since Reagan took office, while the profit percentage of the Royalists has been going up in a parallel line, due to investments overseas (where they exploit slave labor.) Meanwhile, deficits during the Reagan administration exceeded all previous presidents combined, (before Clinton bought into lax regulations, and Bush accelerated it.) So now it's time to pay the piper. Is Obama to blame, too? Yes, according to Hartman, who says even he has been opted by the Royalists to bankrupt the middle class. And where did the Tea Party originate? The tobacco companies cooked up the idea in the 1990s, and Hartman reads memos proving it. Given that everyone is in on this, it's hard to imagine that anyone in either big government or big industry is on the side of middle America...or that the collapse can be averted. What is most chilling about this audiobook is that you begin to see that, behind the calling for a banishment of big government and lower taxes, the big money Royalists who financed this message stand naked in their motives, which is that they don't need or care about parks or services or health care for you or I, and don't want to pay taxes for selling out America from the inside out, either. Hartman calls Royalists "psychopaths," always wanting more, and willing to bust the system in the process. "They have no allegiance to country or community or fellow human beings, only profits." He notes that CEOs didn't used to be given stock options, back when their earnings were merely 30 times the average worker's, and they were accountable to employees. Now they don't need to care about employees or customers or anyone else, because they can collect 300 times average earnings plus millions in bonuses and stock options. Hartman makes a deregulation analogy using Darwin's finches, whose beaks changed according to scarce or abundant seeds. Wall Street barons also evolve like any animal, he says, and take advantage of whatever they are allowed to feast on...and they are doing it again because the Royalists have financed these lax rules by buying politicians, and are planning to cash in once again when it all collapses and the entire U.S. map is up for grabs in 2016. Hartman talks more about what we can and will do AFTER the crash (to save America) rather than stopping the crash itself.

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