Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Utopia Experiment by Robert Ludlum (Kyle Mills)

In THE UTOPIA EXPERIMENT, the latest Covert One novel to use the name of Robert Ludlum, author Kyle Mills imagines a doctor (once forced to attempt creating the perfect athlete for Hitler by experimenting on children) who is now involved in a scheme to rid the world of certain undesirables by developing an implanted electronic technology that at first enhances the capabilities of its users. The military is the premium buyer of Merge, but also the public. Naturally, Americans are buying more of the units than countries like Iran or North Korea, which presents a problem for Christian Dresner and his secret plan. In the meantime, the protagonists must fight to survive in order to follow the clues supporting their suspicions, and their battlefield and training experiences make up much of the novel. Read by Jeff Woodman, whose delivery evokes more character empathy and combat familiarity than awe-struck suspense, this novel is well written, if not without padding. How much of its plot was conceived by Ludlum is unknown. Yet with this being volume #10 released after Ludlum's death, one may reasonably ask how many more are yet to come. A lot, I'm guessing. My own favorite Ludlum audiobook is The Janson Directive, read by Paul Michael (who also narrated The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown.) And check out "Work Done for Hire" by Joe Haldeman, an award winning SF writer here producing a serial killer suspense.

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