Friday, June 7, 2013

TRAPS by MacKenzie Bezos

Dina Pearlman is the perfect narrator for TRAPS by MacKenzie Bezos, novelist and wife to Amazon's Jeff Bezos. Not only is her voice strong, as required to animate four women facing various personal challenges over a period of four days, but the evocation of emotion while creating the characters is believable in each case: Jessica, the reclusive celebrity actress. Dana the bodyguard. Vivian, the 17 year old single mother. And Lynn, the recovering alcoholic and dog caretaker. This is a realistic and different story, well told, with attention to honest portrayal (as opposed to the melodramatic and merely risqué.) Another literary novel is Colum McCann's TRANSATLANTIC, which is read by actress Geraldine Hughes, whose subtle Irish accent enlivens a text which spans centuries instead of just days. It also features women, three of them this time: An Irish housemaid named Lily Duggan meets Frederick Douglass during a time of great hardships, followed by her daughters Emily and Lottie as they settle in America. Again, the characters are given resonance as their individual tales combine to something greater than the parts of the story. The peace talks of Northern Ireland in the late 20th Century combine with transatlantic flights made by aviators in the early part of the Century, all to fashion an emotional jigsaw of historical threads that only a novel can quilt.

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