Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Domino's Drone (Pizza Delivery's Future?)

Dominos is experimenting with pizza delivery via drone aircraft. That's right…in a clever marketing idea which obviously won't work (yet) except in controlled cases (the DomiCopter could be full of buckshot or stolen when it arrives), the company is generating "buzz" by creating what was alternately to be called the Pepperdroney or the Flyin' Hawaiian. This "prototype" carries two pizzas, remotely controlled with a camera on board, later to be operated by GPS and including a 2 liter bottle of Coke. One wonders if Coke is behind this, given their all out war in all media for domination and saturation. Free publicity at the expense of public health, what's not to love about that, from a multinational corporation's point of view? Cheese, pepperoni, and cola drinks have been recently linked to cancers and diabetes epidemics, since they wreck havoc with sugar metabolism and increase acidic levels of the blood (a marker for all kinds of disease.) Pizza delivery run by the mafia in the future was imagined by Neal Stephenson in his SF novel SNOW CRASH, one of the best audiobooks I've ever heard, read by Jonathan Davis (see interview at this site.) The pie gets to you in 30 minutes or someone dies! About drones, my own novel Miraculous Plot features drone aircraft crashing into high rise condos in Dubai, on a targeted mission involving revenge. What's next? How about electronic tattoos in your wrist that eliminate the need for passwords or log in codes? Shades of 666...it's all coming. Maybe. Or how about that singularity proposed for 2045, when computers become sentient…what happens then? How about we're given an ultimatum: become like them or face extinction?

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