Saturday, June 1, 2013

Audie Awards & Emmy Awards

Last year, the Audiobook of the Year was won by THE END OF THE AFFAIR by Graham Green, read by Colin Firth. Drama winner for 2013 was SWORDSPOINT by Ellen Kusher, read by a full cast. Biography winner was THE SEAMSTRESS as read by Wanda McCaddon. SPY THE LIE as read by Fred Berman won Best Business/Educational. SAME SUN HERE and THE GREAT CAKE MYSTERY were the Best Children's titles. ANITA by Keith Roberts won Best Fantasy, read by Nicola Barber. THE HANDMAID'S TALE by Margaret Atwood as read in a new version by actress Claire Danes won Best Fiction. (Note: famous actors often win because the industry is trying to attract more listeners into the fold. It is not necessarily because they are truly the best voice actors.) Also in 2013, I SUCK AT GIRLS by Justin Halpern won in the Humor category, read by Sean Schemmel. THE GOOD DREAM by Donna VanLiere won Inspirational/Faith-Based Fiction, as read by the author. In non-fiction it was FEARLESS by Eric Biehm, read by Paul Michael (who also read The DaVinci Code years ago.) Literary Fiction winner was BRING UP THE BODIES by Hilary Mantel, read by the prolific Simon Vance. (Note that the Audiobook of the Year is in this category, but isn't new.) DRACULA by Bram Stoker won best Multivoice Performance, including readers Alan Cumming, Tim Curry, Simon Vance, Katherine Kellgren (best Solo Female narration winner), Susan Duerden, John Lee, Graeme Malcolm, Steven Crossley, Simon Prebble, and James Adams.) THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY by Louise Penny won best Mystery, read by Ralph Cosham. BREASTS by Florence Williams won best Non-Fiction, read by Kate Reading. (Yes, that's her name, and she's good.) The detective novel GUN CHURCH by Reed Farrel Coleman won best Original Work, read by Joe Barrett and John Keating (and that's saying a lot, since DIE, SNOW WHITE! DIE, DAMN YOU co-read by Sandra Oh is in this category, and is great.) THE WITNESS by Nora Roberts won best Romance, read by Julia Whelan. Best Science Fiction was THE AGE OF MIRACLES by Karen Thompson Walker, read by Emily Janice Card (whose Mormon father is Orson Scott Card.) ASTRAY by Emma Donoghue takes home best Short Stories/Collections, with a multiple cast. Thriller/Suspense winner is RED, WHITE, AND BLOOD by Christopher Farnsworth, read by actor Bronson Pinchot (whom you may have seen on TV restoring a barn, or in Stephen King's The Langoliers, one of many other movies. His breakout role was the TV series Perfect Strangers, along with Beverly Hills Cop and Risky Business. Unlike many actors who dabble in audio, Bronson has long-standing status.) FIFTY SHADES OF GREY won a special SALES award. 

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