Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Bling Ring by Nancy Jo Sales

Nancy Jo Sales chronicles the exploits of teenagers who targeted celebrities for impulsive burglaries in THE BLING RING, and ponders the cultural reality of how America has changed in the past ten years, since US Magazine became a weekly, and TMZ started stalking people who are only famous for being famous. If you don't need to be professional actor or singer to become popular worldwide, why couldn't they? Sofia Coppola optioned her Vanity Fair article for movie rights, and the book was born. Narrated by actress Kathleen Mary Carthy, this is a story that could only come from Hollywood in the new millennium. (Excerpt here. Note that the original cover art shown here has the ring's faces covered, but with the movie they ready for their closeups, and one thief is even writing her own book to refute the facts!) 

Jimmy Conners bio THE OUTSIDER details the tennis player's history and formative years, from the time his mother was beaten up on a public court by thugs to his obsessive / compulsive disorder showing itself under the stress of professional competition. It's an insider's look at the world of professional tennis by a driven man now reflecting on his life and choices. Rich Orlow narrates. NIGHTMARE IN PINK is a Travis McGee novel that might be appropriate after hearing about the Bling Ring invading Paris Hilton's house. Robert Petkoff performs this John D. MacDonald story about a damsel in distress whose fiancé was mugged and murdered, needing McGee to investigate.

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