Sunday, February 10, 2013

SALT SUGAR FAT by Michael Moss

Scott Brick narrates SALT SUGAR FAT by Michael Moss, a Pulitzer Prize winning author and reporter for the New York Times. Here is the story of how the food giants hooked Americans into consuming more highly processed junk foods at the expense of our health. Starting with a secret meeting between CEOs from Kraft, General Mills, Cargill, and other conglomerates, Moss unravels a narrative in which deception and repetitive advertising takes precedence over moral obligation. Transforming basic substances into nearly toxic food additives, the kings of corn focused on manufacturing products designed to addict and delight, irregardless of the negative consequences on childhood obesity, diabetes, and cancer rates. As a result, profits have soared, with sales of $1 TRILLION per year for the industry, making it one of America's largest. Health care costs due in part to consumption of these products? $300,000,000,000. So that cheap burger or soda is anything but cheap in the long run. And even hospitals carry junk food and soda since prescription drug companies and junk food companies are in bed together. Moss takes each substance in turn, telling its story or part in the bigger picture. His research is exhaustive and backed by source notes (included in a special PDF on one of the disks.) Most surprising? Why the processors analyzed how best to deliver their engineered molecules to light up the pleasure centers in the brain, much like drugs. (Along with the tests they conducted on babies.) And how they sought out Philip Morris, a tobacco giant, to advise them on how best to fight concerns over health. A must hear.

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