Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rod Stewart & Keith Richards

Rod Stewart has led a charmed life. He once survived a flight in which one of the two engines exploded, and the pilot had just the previous day taken a course on maneuvering jets with only one engine running. Buzz bombs in London just missed where he was being born. And the tune that made him a star, "Maggie May," was one he almost threw away. ROD The Autobiography is full of witticisms and reflections on a life with many ups and downs, albeit mostly ups (with the "help" of cocaine and sex addiction.) All the trappings of wealth and fame came to him in spades, along with the women, when he broke away from one of the groups he first began with (and wanted to stay with forever), and set out on his own. His antics on and off stage are detailed, including how he pioneered swinging the microphone stand, even hurling it in the air. The signature voice that stands out is a rarity among all the entries one hears today on shows like The X Factor and American Idol and The Voice, but Stewart's is certainly one of those. As read by the English actor and narrator Simon Vance, the story of Rod Stewart becomes a sometimes colorful adventure that has not been repeated often, as he recalls past friendships with Mick Jagger and others (who also have new autobiographies out, revealing much of the same in parallel accounts.) And here's LIFE by Keith Richards. Bestsellers HERE.

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