Thursday, September 4, 2014

DIARY OF A MAD DIVA by Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers dished on everything from dining to nursing homes to Tom Cruise. Does she like anything? Sure. Funerals were great, as was "reading in the obits that your former stuck-up classmates are dying in droves." Her fear (at least on the outside) was age and death. And boredom. The ideal party guest at Joan's house was someone who caused a scene or got into a cat fight. Happy people were boring. When you're getting old, with time running out, you want controversy, not colostomy bags, she would say. Don't show her pictures of your kids or she'll offer to show you pics of her polyps. Outrageous, if scatter-brained, I HATE EVERYONE... STARTING WITH ME is a blunt instrument of comedy, with hammer and knife suitable for cutting and crushing. One thing Joan was not is subtle. If you were depressed, Joan "hated" you. If you were angry, would you like a refill on that vodka zinger? Since humor is in the ear of the belistener, I can't tell you whether you'll love or hate this. By now you probably know into which category you fit. She has always been funny, and that's what great comedians do. They make you laugh at yourself...or in her own case, herself too. She will be missed. Be sure to listen to her new (and last) book too: DIARY OF A MAD DIVA, which she reads herself as's the ONLY way to "read" the book of a comedian, because you just don't get comedic timing in print.

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