Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Garner Files by James Garner

James Garner's biography THE GARNER FILES is a candid revelation of Hollywood behind the scenes, replete with humorous anecdotes about everyone from directors like William Wyler to fellow actors Steve McQueen, Doris Day, and Clint Eastwood. Narrated by Michael Kramer, and co-written with Jon Winokur, this funny and surprising first person account of his life begins with a warm introduction by Julie Andrews. Some things you may not know: Garner was awarded two Purple Hearts in the Korean War, became an actor only because a woman pulled out of a producer's parking space, is described as a "sweetheart" but also a "curmudgeon" (much like Jim Rockford), and was in constant pain during the his years on that action series. In fact, other leading-man actors in action series were exhausted too, and would swap stories about injuries and operations. This is one of the most ego-free Hollywood bios you'll hear. Bravo to Garner for appreciating writers like Stephen J. Cannell, too, since most of the public assume characters they see are the sole creation of the actors...unless they take the time to think about it, or bother to listen when those actors rush through names at the end of awards shows. Update: Since Garner's death it has come out that The Sopranos was conceived during the writing of two episodes of The Rockford Files, which were written by Sopranos creator David Chase! Trailer Trash? Hardly


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  1. Loved your post and The Garner Files. I've been a fan of James Garner since 1957. He's a very shy, private person, and I didn't think he would EVER write a bio. So glad his good friend and co-writer, Jon Winokur talked him into it.