Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Deep Zone by James M. Tabor

James M. Tabor usually writes non-fiction about caves or climbing. THE DEEP ZONE is his first novel, about a virus affecting troops in Afghanistan, and which is about to spread around the world. To stop the epidemic a team led by Hallie Leland, a microbiologist, must find a rare organism that can be used to create an antibiotic. Trouble is, the organism is only found at the bottom of a supercave in Mexico, an area surrounded by warring cartels. Then there is a mole traitor in Washington to worry about. Narrator is Paul Michael, who once read the bestselling novel ever, The Da Vinci Code. He does an equally impressive read here, both dramatic in dialogue, and with an air of authority in the exposition. The timing is always on target, and the characters brought to life within a mysterious tonal framework that keeps the listener engaged. As to the writing, it's expressive and literate. An intriguing first novel that should disappoint few. For my interview with Tabor, about his non-fiction work, check the link at this blog. 

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