Tuesday, May 15, 2012

GAME OVER by Bill Moushey & Bob Dvorchak

Malcolm Hillgartner ably narrates GAME OVER, which, despite all the negative Penn State fan reviews, does put into perspective the principals histories in an attempt to understand how such a scandal could happen.  To dismiss the book as shoddy is also inaccurate, since it is well written, even not given the time restraints in writing it.  (Bill Moushey and Bob Dvorchak are not hacks, they are professional journalists.)  Sandusky has been blamed, for sure, but given that his upcoming trial had yet to play out, the focus by the authors here is to ponder the culture of a major college athletic department where a Sandusky could continue unchallenged for years.  What did Joe Paterno know?  Enough to get him fired.  Even players in the locker room suspected something, or they wouldn't have joked about Sandusky.  Penn State fans are fanatical about condemning this book and calling any more attention to their pain, but it is unfair to turn on the press, given our current culture, which demands answers.  Children can suffer in silence while God-like figures believe they can look the other way.  If sports fans love hearing about Hollywood scandals, they'll also have to accept that their own icons are not above scrutiny or the law, either. 

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