Friday, February 10, 2012

WILD THING by Josh Bazell

What do you get when you add a rich man's bet over a lake monster to a fake cruise ship doctor's attempt to evade murderous mobsters and a deranged lady paleontologist?  WILD THING by Josh Bazell is narrated by Robert Petkoff, who lends to the satirical and street wise text an air of cynical bravura.  This is an offbeat, (sometimes goofy, sometime dense) novel that attempts to be both fiction and non-fiction, interposing a wide variety of topics while balancing itself across a tightrope of plot conventions.  The balancing act of obscenity-heavy situation comedy versus science-versus-religion argument is successfully maintained by Petkoff until the end, where an political appendix is added, narrated by Stephanie Wolfe. At this point I imagine most conservative Republicans will be running for the exit and holding their ears.

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