Friday, October 7, 2011


ABOUT TIME by Adam Frank re-asks the big questions about the origins of the universe from the perspective of time, and how our perceptions of time change along with technology.  With the subtitle "Cosmology and Culture at the Twilight of the Big Bang," the book shows how differently our lives are ordered when compared to the past, and what the future may hold.  Is time real?  Are there multiple universes out there?  Why are we stuck in our understanding of time, just as Einstein was stuck melding forces with gravity?  And if there is a breakthrough, what will it tell us about what happened before the Big Bang?  Read by David Drummond, the book will get you thinking about time in a new way.  Because, unlike a rock, time is not solid, and is all in the point of view.   Next, one of Steve Jobs precepts was to change the way you think, and with THINKING, FAST AND SLOW author Daniel Kahneman explores the two most obvious ways we think: fast, intuitive and emotional, or slow, deliberate and logical.  How we think affects our decisions on every level, and therefore our fate (or rather future.)  Kahneman is a professor of psychology at Princeton, and the audiobook, read by Patrick Egan, includes illustrations and graphs on an included enhanced CD, or as download.

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