Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jane Fonda Bio and Girls in White Dresses

THE SECRETS OF THE FBI by Ronald Kessler (see my interview with him on this blog) is read by Michael Bybee, and covers many hot topics from Hoover to Marilyn Monroe to Osama bin Laden.  Few journalists dig as deep (or write as well) as Kessler.  THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS by Vanessa Diffenbaugh is a different kind of romance novel involving an orphan with a gift for choosing the right flower for people.  It's read by Tara Sands.  Carrington MacDuffie and Samantha Quan read Julie Otsuka's THE BUDDHA IN THE ATTIC, a literary novel by the author of "When the Emperor Was Devine," about Japanese mail order brides seeking the American Dream in San Francisco a century ago.  George R.R. Martin's second installment in the "Game of Thrones" epic fantasy series is A CLASH OF KINGS, read by Roy Dotrice, released unabridged (at 37 hours!) due to the HBO series.  Star Wars fans will enjoy ASCENSION--FATE OF THE JEDI by Christie Golden, the latest of a long series of novels extending the movies, read by Marc Thompson.  Jennifer Close reads GIRLS IN WHITE DRESSES, about three friends who watch with envy everyone around them getting married.  Emily Janice Card reads.  SKYJACK by Geoffrey Gray is read by the author, and reopens the DB Cooper case files with new leads making the news.  Finally, PRIME TIME is the new Jane Fonda memoir, examining what she calls "Act 3" of her life, and like her exercise videos, offers advice on aging as well.  She also reads the audiobook.    

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