Sunday, July 31, 2011

How and Why To Buy Wine

Julian Curry takes a light approach to what might be a stuffy subject.  A GUIDE TO WINE has enough information contained on the four CDs to keep the most assiduous wine snob entertained, yet it is geared for the novice who wishes to understand how to judge and buy wine, along with all the requisite terminology needed.  From understanding a wine label to learning what to ask for in restaurants when ordering fish or beef, it's all here.  It's also an overview of the regions where the best wines are made, and how they are produced.  Wine is one of the few pleasures anyone of sophistication can acquire, and in our culture of over-consumption and obesity, sipping and savoring is a welcome indulgence preferable to gulping and slurping. 


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  2. The audiobook is pretty comprehensive, you can order it from Audible by typing the title in the search box above.