Wednesday, June 8, 2011

David McCullough & Americans in Paris

Edward Herrmann takes the microphone to narrate THE GREATER JOURNEY, another epic American history book by David McCullough, whose title refers, not to the migration west, but rather east across the ocean to Paris.  For a critical time during the second half of the 19th Century, many future shakers and movers of American society and letters lived there during a wondrous stage in their inspiration and artistic development, and McCullough is meticulous and poetic in describing this largely untold story, while Herrmann shows why, once again, he's the go-to guy to serve as tour guide and time machine operator.  (Another excellent audiobook, set in WWII, is Americans in Paris by Charles Glass, read by Malcolm Hillgartner.)

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  1. The book is so well written it is a pleasure to read even though the subject matter would not have been my fist choice. I would highly recommend the book to any reader, even if they normally do not read non-fiction/history. I bought the hard cover and the book itself is lovely. The front and back contain great black and white photos of Paris from the time period covered in the book