Saturday, June 18, 2011

Big in China vs. Getting Old in Japan

Take a music and basketball journalist, uproot his family from NJ to Beijing, add a Chinese guitarist named Woodie Wu, and you have the candid memoir BIG IN CHINA, written and read by Alan Paul, whose band “Woodie Alan” is a hit there.  It’s an new insider’s travelogue and commentary on the country, and on living as an American there.

Kerin McCue reads SHOCK OF GRAY, Ted C. Fishman’s look at aging (its causes and consequences), particularly in Japan (which already has more near term problems coping with earthquakes).  It’s young versus old in an upcoming battle over financing of health care in American and beyond.  Most frightening:  Birth rates are only rising in the poorest of countries, while Social Security is metamorphosing from illusion to joke. –TR

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