Thursday, May 5, 2011

Robert Redford Bio read by Mark Deakins

Forget Charlie Sheen, try an older celeb who has learned from his mistakes instead of repeating them.  The new biography of ROBERT REDFORD by Michael Feeney Callan is read by Mark Deakins on audio, and details the life of an iconoclast who became an icon.  Remembering his mother's influence, Redford sought out activism as a means to protect the environment.  But there is much more here about how Hollywood and Broadway actually work, with insights into how directors think, and the methods actors use to arrive at truth.  Redford, even with his looks, struggled to find his way, and took risks in both his life choices and within roles on stage.  The money and fame were secondary influences to finding what was right for him, although today, on the surface, actors seem to sell themselves to the highest bidder, and don't really know who they are (or why).  As such, this is a fascinating and revelatory biography, one of the best I've heard in years, and told by a narrator who sounds like Redford (which would have been the case had this been an autobiography).  It's a book about a man who thinks for himself, has the independent vision which created Sundance, and figured out a way to be meaningful and entertaining in the process. 

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