Monday, May 16, 2011

Population Control and The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy

The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy by Jim Marrs
Two tales of two companies: First, Howard Schultz had the dream of bringing the Italian espresso bar experience to America, and in the process transformed Starbucks from a tiny bean-selling store into an international chain known for a consistent brand of gourmet blends. When the company lost control of quality in its obsession with growth, he came back to the helm and closed the doors one day to teach employees how to pour once more. Quality and service to customers balanced a respect for the environment and a fairness of practices. The ups and downs of the company and its founder is told by narrator Joanne Gordon as ONWARD: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life Without Losing Its Soul.

Next, William D. Cohan (HOUSE OF CARDS) has moved from chronicling Bear Stearns to covering ultra banking powerhouse Goldman Sachs in MONEY AND POWER, narrated by Rob Shapiro on audio. Not only wasn't there much in the way of fairness evident (then or now), but the company didn't even see its own customers as anything other than "objects to be manipulated for profit," says Cohan. Contrary to company PR, there was much in-fighting (rather than team spirit) at Goldman, and a two-faced policy of selling inferior products to its customers and then betting that those products would fail (to generate even more profit.) To top this, its shady manipulations of political contacts on both the national and international stages call into question the ethics of all of the "smartest guys in the room" in the industry. Who needs smarts if those smarts are going to be used against you (and your ability to pay your tax bills as an American citizen in a depressed economy) while they award themselves bonuses at your expense?

ONWARD by Howard Schultz.
New: In 2014 there were three million homeless people in the United States and almost twenty million vacant homes. The most technologically advanced nation in the world has a life expectancy lower than that of Chile and Bahrain. And citizens of the wealthiest country on the planet continue to ingest toxic chemicals through their food, their vaccines, and even their water. America, Jim Marrs argues, has been seized by a culture of death. And who promulgates this culture? The globalist masters of the GOD Syndicate—guns, oil, and drugs. Pushed to the brink by this lethal triumvirate, Americans increasingly find themselves headed toward an inexorable decline ending in servitude and premature death. POPULATION CONTROL by Jim Marrs. Click on Downpour box upper right.

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