Thursday, April 14, 2011

Barbara Eden reads her Autobiography

Today, Americans watch more TV than anyone on Earth.  Millions of fat latch key kids addicted to soda are watching it right now.  Millions of bored viewers get their entire philosophy of life, values, and perverse purchasing habits by watching porky televangelists with Frankenstein hair, (or the author of The Secret on Oprah, who advises that if only you visualize being as wealthy as a gangster rapper, you too can don gold chains heavy enough to anchor a battleship).  Ironically, some former stars on both little and big screens (along with former Enron employees) are now collecting beer cans thrown out the window by passing Jerry Springer fans.  To hear what Barbara Eden thinks on the subject of stardom and unbridled ambition, listen to her narrate JEANNIE OUT OF THE BOTTLE.  And no, that's not a liquor bottle, either.  This is a sober assessment of TV's golden age, not without fond memories, and certainly not bitter.  Just "eyes wide open."  Eden's autobiography, which she also reads, is a candid peek at the reality of Hollywood celebrity, told by a woman of once beguiling fantasy, no longer restrained by that illusory image.

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